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Use of chemical weapons:-

Use of chemical weapons:-

The use of chemical weapons would largely mean “game over” for urban defense. Colonel Bob Stewart says spreading chlorine would be awful Sky News.

The British Ministry of Defense previously warned that Russia may use biological or chemical weapons in Ukraine in what is called Operation False Flag.

The British believed that the Kremlin could accuse the Ukrainians of possessing such weapons, as an excuse to use them themselves.

‘Game over’: Colonel Bob Stewart, former commander of the UN forces, believes that ‘game over’ if Russian forces start using chemical weapons in Ukraine. Photography: NTB / Amer Ghazal
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Also NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg He says he fears Russia will carry out a “false flag” operation. In Ukraine that may include the use of chemical weapons.

Praises to the Ukrainian forces

In recent weeks, the Ukrainians have shown strong opposition to the Russian forces, and most of the Ukrainian territory is still in their hands, including the major cities.

a dialogue: Volodymyr Zelensky calls on Russia for dialogue and negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. This was stated by the President of the Republic in a speech he delivered to the people on Friday, March 18th. Video: Telegram
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Stewart, who commanded UN forces in 1992 and 1993, praised the high morale of the Ukrainian people.

– They are defending their country and their morale is very high, he says.

deterioration of morale

Stewart further says that morale among the Russian forces appears to be deteriorating. There have been reports of low morale from several quarters over the past three weeks, including from the US government.

We don’t have insight into every single unit and every situation. “But we certainly picked up unconfirmed indications that morale is not high in several units,” a senior US Pentagon official told the DPA news agency on Thursday.

The official further stressed that it is worth noting that the Russian defense is allegedly considering bringing in reinforcements.

Ukraine war: Ramzan Kadyrov from Chechnya posted on social media videos of Chechen forces in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. Video: Telegram. Reporter: Julie Tran.
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Struggling in the air

Recently in an intelligence report from the British Ministry of Defense on Sunday night, it was claimed that Russia is still struggling to control Ukrainian airspace.

“The Ukrainian Air Force and its forces continue to actively defend Ukrainian airspace,” the report stated.

Russia relies heavily on long-range weapons launched from Russian airspace to attack targets in Ukraine, according to the intelligence report.

Control of the air was one of Russia’s primary goals in the early days of the conflict, and its long-term failure to do so greatly delayed the progress of operations.

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