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Usar cartões bancários vai ficar mais caro! Conheça os novos preços

Using bank cards will become more expensive! Find out about the new prices

Do you use bank cards? So get ready for the raises! Novo Banco, Santander Totta and BCP have already programmed bank fee increases for 2022, but other banks are expected to raise fees next year.

Find out now what are the bank card commissions for 2022 … and the operations will also increase.

Credit cards with more commissions, as well as in operations

According to customer notification, in March, new bank It will change the prices of many products and services, with increases in particular in commissions for deposits, credit operations or payments. A demand deposit with a value of more than 35 thousand euros will pay the same amount as less than 35 thousand euros, i.e. 62.30 euros per month.

Credit commissions also go up. For personal loans for furniture rental (excluding new vehicles), the commission for concluding the contract is raised to 400 euros for operations in the portfolio, while it is currently 314 euros for up to three years and 380 euros for more than three years. Lusa revealed that the processing fee for these credits rises to €36 a quarter (compared to €33).

On credit cards, commissions go up, as well as changes in commissions on card operations. For example, the commission for a “green” card ranges from €10 to €15 and the replacement of the same card is from €22.50 to €25.

Using bank cards will become more expensive!  Find out about the new prices

number Santander Tota, as of February, the commission on a package account has increased to €5.30 per month and the commission on a credit card has increased to €2.25 per month (applicable under certain conditions).

In case BCP, the general information is that on January 5th, changes to the Standard Companies account commissions will take effect. The value of the commission is maintained (if the credit is less than €250,000, €199.92 per annum, if the credit is equal to or greater than €250,000, the commission is €60 per annum), however, the exemption from these commissions is now only for credits equal to or more than 2 million euros.

Other banks should follow the price list update in 2022, as it does every year. By the way, banks tend to change the price list several times a year.

The controversial issue of bank fees led Parliament to legislate in 2020 to exempt and limit some bank fees, which banks have criticized. Banks are also critical of Portugal's ban on charging fees for ATM withdrawals.

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