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Using the hijab 'incorrect' - death provokes strong reactions - VG

Using the hijab ‘incorrect’ – death provokes strong reactions – VG

Death: 22-year-old Mehsa Amini from Saqqaz in the Kurdistan Region is said to have been arrested in connection with a family visit in Tehran.

Mahsa Amini, 22, died on Friday after she was arrested by Iran’s morality police on charges of “improper” use of the hijab. His death sparks outrage and protests in Iran.


Mahsa is said to have caught her in her brother’s car on Tuesday for getting Hijab training At the police station. After that, he never saw his sister awake again, CNN wrote.

to me BBC Eyewitnesses are said to have seen her being beaten inside a police car.

Amini was taken to hospital two hours after his arrest on Tuesday. There she remained in a coma until she died on Friday.

Norwegian Parliament Speaker Masoud Qarahkhani recently published a post on Facebook with a photo purporting to show an elk lying in a coma in hospital:

Qarakhani, who was born in Iran, is responding forcefully to the news.

– I’m sick and angry, Grakhani tells VG, adding:

She was 22 years old and was taken away by the morality police. It is the Ayatollah’s regime’s police that will decide how a woman should dress. Soon, she died, which is heartbreaking.

Qarahani says he has heard several accounts that the morality police in Iran have been exercising stricter controls recently.

– That says something about the extremism that exists in that country through that system, unfortunately, says the Speaker.

increased brutality

This case is the latest in a series of reports of Iranian authorities’ brutality against women. The Guardian wrote, among other things, that the authorities plan to use facial recognition technology in public transport in order to Identifying women who do not meet the strict new rules for wearing a headscarf.

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In addition to the professional security police, Iran has a voluntary morality police Which verify the observance of strict Islamic living rules in daily life. Among other things, a woman should wear a veil in the open air, as Ayatollah Khomeini decided in 1979.

to me Amnesties It has become increasingly difficult to confront the authorities in Iran and the human rights situation in the country has seriously deteriorated.

Many are now expressing their anger at the morality police on social media, and it is being reported Protests in the streets of Tehran.

Several videos show people demonstrating at the hospital where Amini died, as well as in central Tehran, chanting “Death to the Dictator” and other slogans. Here from the BBC’s Shayan Sardarizadeh:

On Saturday evening, tear gas was used against protesters who protested, NTB writes. The demonstrators gathered in front of the offices of the local governor, where they chanted several slogans before the arrival of the security police and fired tear gas shells at them.

Many are now blaming Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei directly, the BBC writes. Among other things, one of his previous speeches is now being shared on social media. In the speech, he justifies the role of the morality police and insists that women must be compelled to follow the Islamic dress code.

After the funeral of Mahsa Amina in Saqqaz on Saturday, Iranian security forces were said to have fired on protesters, Iran International website reported:

Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser to President Joe Biden signs Twitter Amini’s death is “unforgivable”.

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The BBC writes that this latest incident will deepen the gap between the younger part of Iranian society and the radical leaders.

Police explanation of death The BBC says Amini had a heart attack.

“The woman was sent to the police station for orientation and training before she suddenly had a heart attack,” said police, who broadcast a recording on state television to confirm their version of the incident. The broadcast recordings had no audio and did not include the moment of arrest, notes journalist Kian Sharifi who posted the feature on Twitter:

The family says Mahsa was in good health and dismisses this as unlikely.

– We are shocked and saddened by the news, Amnesty Norway wrote on Twitter.

Her death must be investigated and those behind her must be held accountable.

Dreaming of the same freedom

Sharing the atrocities experienced by Iranians became important to Masoud Qarahkhani.

When the Speaker of the Norwegian Parliament was celebrating the Persian New Year, there was a message that became important for him to convey:

I was born in Iran and I dream that one day Iranians will enjoy the same freedom and democracy that I am fortunate enough to have in my country, Norway.

He said the message in Farsi. BBC Persian published a video of the speech, which was viewed by 2.5 million people, which resulted in Qarahkhani receiving constant messages from people living in the country. He says those who communicate can be anything from oppressed gays, to young women and men trying to live as freely as we do, but are being beaten up by the system.

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– So it is important for me to participate, to show the kind of brutality that many people experience.