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V. Guimarães' coaching scouting department resigned en masse

V. Guimarães' coaching scouting department resigned en masse

The professionals who made up the scouting and recruiting department to form V. Guimarães resigned en masse.

In a statement, the 13 members spoke of a “fundamental difference” in the decision-making process that does not include Carlos Lima, who is still director of the administration.

Complete extraction:

“Dear Victorians, supporters, parents and athletes,

Given the fundamental differences in terms of organisation, responsibilities, communication, autonomy, working procedures and future vision in relation to the formation of our club, and more specifically our department (Scouting and Recruitment), this statement serves to inform the transfer of functions of all elements that make up this department.

On behalf of all the elements, we would like to thank the support and friendship of all the participants who have supported us throughout this time in carrying out our work, and especially all the young athletes and their parents, for the trust they have placed in each of us. , but especially in the greatness of Vitória SC as a training club.

We also cannot help but say a word to our captain and leader, Carlos Lima, expressing our sincere gratitude, not only for the trust we have placed in our work from the beginning, but also for the constant support and teachings he has always given us in feeling that together we are better and better. Thanks.

It is also worth noting that we leave with a clear conscience and knowing that, even though it was possible, we did our best to defend the best interests of the club.

Finally, as Victorians, since we believe that Vitoria is greater than all who make it up, we wish good luck to our successors, and also express our best wishes for the greatest sporting successes of Vitoria FC.

Andre Guedes

Ernesto Peixoto

Helder Castro

Evo Albuquerque

Jose Costa

Jose Carvalho

Miguel Castro

Nuno Matos

Ruben Irinha

Robin Souza

Thiago Ramos

Victor Antunes

Vitor Silva »