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V. Guimarães requests that the Marega case be removed from the school book - V. Guimarães

V. Guimarães requests that the Marega case be removed from the school book – V. Guimarães

V. Guimarães reacted, this Sunday, to the inclusion of the well-known Marija case in the tenth grade philosophy book. The Victorian slogan stated in a statement that this situation promoted “creating an unjustified stigma”, not least because, he recalls, he was acquitted of all charges. For this reason, they are demanding withdrawal.
This is the statement from V. Guimarães:

Philosophy: The dictionary classifies philosophy as “the rational investigation of the world and man with the aim of finding his final explanation; the aspiration to know things for their fixed principles and not for their fleeting phenomena.”

A major national publisher is preparing to launch a book on philosophy for tenth graders, by Susana Telles de Sousa, Isabel Pinto Ribeiro and Rui Ariel, entitled “Ágora”, which will reach many schools across the country, and its content, to the astonishment of the Victorians and Guimaraes, includes as a case study The ethical position taken by the news anchor of a Portuguese public channel, when “reporting” on the events of the past 16 February 2020, in which the player Mariga left Estádio land. Afonso Henrique.

Public condemnation was swift (and broadcast to the sound of the wind…), the presumption of guilt was drawn, creating a widespread stigma. Whoever wanted to judge and shape public opinion so quickly, was not quick to recover the truth about the facts established by the procedures of the Portuguese judicial system, which, after its launch, resulted in an apology from three spectators who were in the D seats of Afonso Henriques in that game, as well as acquittals, In all operations in which Vitoria Sport Club was a defendant. We repeat, until the winds take this irreducible fact: Vitória Sport Clube has been acquitted of all charges related to this case.

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Returning to philosophy and its figurative meaning, the dictionary itself also classifies it as “the set of principles guiding behavior or behaviour”, which is the life philosophy of our followers, our people and the people of Guimarães, Vitoria Sport Club intends to highlight.

It is a philosophy in Guimarães to make newborns a member of Vitoria. It is a philosophy in Guimarães to pass on Victorian values, and why the club chose black and white. It is a philosophy in Guimarães to pass on the narrow-mindedness and enthusiasm associated with being Victorian to future generations. It is a philosophy in Guimarães to be part of the land club. It is a philosophy in Guimarães to have a passionate and passionate following, which makes Estádio D. with most of the media in Portugal. It’s Guimarães’ philosophy to follow the team everywhere, supporting it with a unique zeal that would be envious of any opposing fan base. It is the philosophy in Guimarães to be Vitoria.

For all reasons, and because they feel unfounded, the Victorians, Guimaraes and Vitoria Sport Club are calling for the above-mentioned case study to be removed from this book, further creating an unwarranted stigma for thousands of fans and for the club that celebrates, within two months, its centenary.”