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V16 hybrid with 1800 hp. This is the new Bugatti Tourbillon

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The successor to the series of supercars produced in Molsheim is the Bugatti Tourbillon. It has a V16 engine capable of reaching a speed of 450 km/h.

The latest car-shaped game for billionaires is called Bugatti tourbillon It is powered by a 16-cylinder, V-shaped engine with a capacity of 8.3 liters, which is capable of producing 1,000 “combustion” horsepower at 9,000 rpm, in addition to three electric motors capable of adding 800 horsepower. hp (588 kW).

In total, this very special quartet managed to combine an equal power of 1,800 hp (!). The two front electric motors and the auxiliary electric motor on the rear axle are powered by an 800-volt electrical system and a battery with a capacity of just 25.4 kWh.

This does not need to be greater, such as the strong ones Naturally aspirated V16 engine — developed with the help of Cosworth — provides primary propulsion. However, the relatively small power reserve still allows the Bugatti Tourbillon to be driven a maximum of 60 kilometers in pure electric mode.

When the V16 petrol engine combines with three electric motors to give the driver the maximum he can ask for, the all-wheel drive Bugatti Tourbillon can accelerate to 100 km/h in just two seconds, reach 200 km/h in less than five seconds and reach 300 km/h. /hour in less than 10 seconds. But it doesn't stop there.

Until the analogue instruments show us a speed of 400 km/h, no more than 25 seconds pass (from the start), and it only stops to gain speed when it reaches an impressive speed of 445 km/h.

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For this level of speed, tire choice is even more important, which is why Michelin developed rubber compounds specifically for the Bugatti Tourbillon. The Pilot Sport Cup 2s measure 285/35 R20 on the front axle and 345/30 R21 on the rear axle.

Even more exclusive

Although the concept of a naturally aspirated V-shaped 16-cylinder engine with three electric motors may sound amazing, the design of the new Bugatti Tourbillon will leave no one indifferent. Although it can be considered a subtle evolution of its predecessor Chiron.

After arriving at the comfortable 'leather wrap', which is just one way to define the Tourbillon's interior, it will be hard not to be drawn to the dashboard and steering wheel. Instead of opting for modern design solutions, the brand has opted for a very exclusive watch look with the functionality of a car instrument.

Bugatti's new V16 engine. The first details have been revealed

This is certainly one of the highlights, as the unique operating concept, with multiple Richard Mille-style hands and cogs on the wrist, should be enough to convince some collectors to add a Bugatti Tourbillon to their exclusive catalogs in a very personal way.

Bugatti plans to build 250 units at its factory in Molsheim, each of which will be sold at a price of 3.8 million euros. Before taxes, of course. The first deliveries to customers are scheduled only for 2026.

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