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Vaccinating health centers against Covid-19  Cities

Vaccinating health centers against Covid-19 Cities

Photo: Fernanda Barros
Vaccination against COVID-19 at the Cilio Brasil Jirao Health Center, in Fortaleza

with An increase in confirmed cases of Covid-19 In the Ciara14 health centers power It was opened yesterday, February 12, for the vaccination campaign. From 8 am to 4:30 pm. According to the municipal health department, the aim of the measure is to vaccinate those who have not yet completed the vaccination schedule against Covid-19 or have not taken booster doses.

The Celio Brasil Jirão Health Centre, located in the Cais do Porto neighbourhood, is one of the units used during the joint effort. Even with queues forming at specific times, traffic at the site remained calm and flowed quickly during most of the morning.

Jersina Pessoa da Rocha Silva, 62, a resident of the Praia do Futuro neighborhood, set aside Saturday morning to update her vaccination record. “I have already taken four doses. My daughter, who works in the health field, saw that I had missed this last vaccine, so she took the opportunity to come. We have to protect ourselves from this danger.”

Doña Jersena, accompanied by her husband, daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, also says she has become aware of the increase in cases of the disease in Ceará. “Now, we have to basically accept that. Taking the vaccine even if we get Covid makes the disease weaker,” he recalls.

Early in the morning, Paolo Marcello station, located in the centre, also showed little movement. Student Lorena Damasceno, 24, arrived early to avoid any setbacks. “I came to take the dual vaccine, because I don’t want to be at risk of getting Covid. I know how bad it is, especially because I had it last year.”

According to the SMS bulletin, in the first week of November, the average positivity rate in RT-PCR tests among Fortaleza residents was 3.3%This represents an increase of less than 1% compared to the average of the previous three months (August, September and October). However, during the period from 22 to 28 November 2023, the positivity rate among Fortaleza residents (about 703 RT-PCR test samples analyzed by public network laboratories) was 31.8%.

That’s precisely the strategy of the joint effort, says SMS immunization coordinator Vanessa Soldatelli Breaking the chain of disease transmission as soon as possible. “In Fortaleza, we have two or three million people eligible to receive the vaccination. Those who have already completed the initial course can and should get the bivalent vaccine. It is the only one that currently protects against the Omicron variants, which is the strain currently circulating.”

According to the coordinator, the goal is to apply the vaccine to at least 90% of the population. During the joint effort, the influenza vaccine can also be administered, taking into account the approaching rainy season, in addition to the routine immunizations provided by the Unified Health System (SUS) for all age groups.

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It also highlights that when the population is not vaccinated, virus mutations continue to occur and disease persists. By ensuring a high vaccination rate, the idea is that it will be possible to control the spread of the virus and prevent another outbreak.

“The two-shot vaccine is being used to close this year’s cycle, and from next year, the Covid vaccine will be part of the national vaccination calendar routine. In other words, we will have an annual vaccine.

Childhood vaccination

Jessica de Souza, 24, a resident of the Praia do Futuro neighbourhood, took her two daughters to update their Covid-10 vaccination record at the Celio Brasil Jirão station, in Cais do Porto. This is the second time that Maria Vittoria, 7 years old, and Laila Sofia, 3 years old, have received the vaccine.

In fact, cases are on the rise. “(My youngest daughter) was born during the pandemic, so I always worry about updating her vaccination record,” says the mother, who also noted that she has already taken five doses of the vaccine.

As the immunization coordinator explains via SMS, children are a group of concern when it comes to immunization due to low adherence. “At the moment, the highest number of deaths occur in this age group. Vaccinating only adults does not protect children. They go to schools, shopping centres, churches and supermarkets and are exposed to contact with other people,” Vanessa Soldatelli points out.

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In health centers, children can be vaccinated against COVID-19 using two vaccines: the children’s vaccine intended for children up to 4 years of age; The Pfizer Pediatric Vaccine is for children aged 5 to 11 years.