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Vaccination from Sunday to Sunday is of great interest among municipalities

Vaccination from Sunday to Sunday is of great interest among municipalities

Continuing the vaccination campaign from Sunday to Sunday was key to increasing the number of Covid-19 vaccines in Paraná.

“Opening up vaccination units or places on Saturday and Sunday allows additional time to receive a relative. Once the doses arrive, we will vaccinate residents and advance in groups,” Pieto Prieto said.

On Saturday (17), the secretary continued vaccination in the municipalities of Godoy Moreira, São João de Evay, Lonnardelli, Jardim Alegre and Lidienoupiles. On Friday (16), the Secretary continued the vaccination process in Betanga Municipality in the Central District.

Seniors between the ages of 60 and 64 began receiving their first doses this weekend. According to Sesa’s Vaccine Scale, by mid-afternoon, 1,361,204 Paraná people had already been vaccinated.

“We are walking around the state, under the direction of Governor Ratino Jr., and we are taking part in the vaccination procedures. The municipalities are conducting the vaccination. The vaccine is coming, and it must be put on the arm of the Paraná people immediately,” said Beto Prieto.

On Friday (16), SESA sent more than 368,000 doses in a new batch that arrived in the state this week. In total, 1,782,138 doses were applied, from both the first and second doses. Parana has received more than 2.8 million doses from the Ministry of Health.

“The first dose is important. The second is essential, because it ensures the shutdown of the vaccination and immunity system. For this reason, even if the vaccine has run out for the first dose, people must be alert for the day of the second application,” the secretary emphasized.

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Flu – In parallel with the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, the flu vaccination is also taking place. In the municipality of Jardim Alegre, there was a division of periods for the public. “In the morning, we have the flu vaccination, and in the afternoon, we are already putting people on the dose against Covid-19. Our strategy expands the possibility of assistance and organizes vaccination in both campaigns,” said Municipal Health Minister Silvia Bofu Tichuk.

Parana has sent more than 664,000 doses of influenza vaccine. In the first phase, only children from six months to less than 6 years of age, pregnant women, postpartum women, health workers and indigenous peoples should receive the vaccination.

Cars – The state health department has purchased more than 1,300 cars to advance the family health strategy. Cars will be delivered in the coming weeks to assist health teams with care and monitoring near residents.

“We have closed a batch of new cars. All municipalities receive cars with a donation from the state. The secretary announced that we will begin delivery soon, promoting the approach and visit strategy and the active search by health professionals for people who are sick or undergoing treatment.”