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Vaccination yet?  Check which vaccinations should be taken until adulthood

Vaccination yet? Check which vaccinations should be taken until adulthood

In a video posted on Twitter, Antonio Parra Torres appears to say residents are “at serious health risk,” but the images have been edited to make it appear as if he was referring to vaccines that have already been approved.

Written by: Jacqueline Maria da Silva

Which vaccination It is an effective and safe way to prevent diseases, and many people already know about it. What sometimes causes doubt is knowledge Which vaccine to get and when?

This is because most vaccinations target children and teenagers, but some are suitable for adults. Do you hold your card in your hand and do you know if you have had all the vaccines you should have?

a Mural agency This raises the question because, although extremely important, vaccination coverage in Brazil has declined in recent years “Worrying” to Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

To give you an idea, in 2021 less than 59% of citizens were vaccinated. In 2020, the index reached 67% and in 2019, 73%, according to Central Bank data. Ministry of Health. The level that the organization considers ideal is 95%.

Updating your immunization record is essential for your health, including in adulthood. @disclosure

This scenario is the result of misinformation and the massive dissemination of false content on social media, which has led many people to doubt the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. This increases the risk that diseases already controlled in the country will again cause outbreaks among the population.

In order to prevent the spread of diseases, SUS (Unified Health System) Periodically enhances vaccination campaigns. Newer and patriotic in nature it is Multiple vaccination campaignTo encourage the updating of adolescent records in the country.

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But what vaccinations are mandatory until adulthood? See the table below for the list of vaccinations provided by SUS, which was organized with the help of nursing assistant Patricia Gonçalves, who works in the vaccination room at the Basic Health Unit in South São Paulo.

What diseases do vaccines protect against?

Some vaccines have names based on scientific information, which raises doubts about their indications. See the table below to see how some vaccines that are considered mandatory by the Ministry of Health work.

Serum What diseases does it protect against?
BCG Tuberculosis
Pneumococci 10 Pneumonia
five DTP, influenza type B, and hepatitis B
Meningococcus c Meningitis type C
The viral trio Measles, mumps, and rubella
chicken pox Varicella
Desktop publishing Diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus
I am ironing Meningitis types A, C, W, and Y
D.T Diphtheria and tetanus

Frequently asked questions about vaccines

I stopped taking the vaccine at the appropriate age. And now?

It is possible to update some vaccines after the ideal age. However, a health care professional must make this assessment on a case-by-case basis. Look up your UBS reference so a professional can analyze your card and guide you.

Can any health problem prevent me from taking the vaccine?

Yes, it is important for a health care professional to evaluate the condition on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, anyone with a fever cannot take the vaccine. In this case, you must wait three days after the symptoms end to receive the vaccine.

Are there specific vaccines for pregnant women in the United States?

Yes, if you have reached the 20th week of pregnancy, you should take the DT vaccine, as well as update your vaccination schedule, if the childhood vaccine was not given at the ideal age.

I lost my vaccination card. And now?

Go to the health center to make a new path. This document is very important at all stages of life, even essential for travel.

*Text supported by Patricia Gonsalves, Nursing Assistant in the Vaccination Room of the Basic Health Unit in South São Paulo

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