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#VacinaSim Campaign Phase Three Promotes Post-Vaccination Care - 04/19/2021

#VacinaSim Campaign Phase Three Promotes Post-Vaccination Care – 04/19/2021

A year after the start of the epidemic that stopped the world, the Brazilian is already accustomed to the recommended care and how to use it mask, Use alcohol gel on hands and keep social distance. But it is important, even after receiving a second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, that this care be maintained. With this slogan, TV Globo, G1, GloboNews, O Globo, Extra, Estadão, Folha de S. Paulo and UOL in the next 19 launched the third phase of their “Vacina Sim” campaign.

This new phase also includes another Players And brands that are part of the Press Association’s vehicle groups, so that the message is amplified to new points of contact and reach more and more people. In all, more than 70 brands will reflect the message and increase the chorus voice for the third phase of the “Vacina Sim” campaign across Brazil.

“This phase of the“ Yes Vaccine ”campaign reinforces the purpose of creating the Media Consortium to combat misinformation. We continue to carry out this mission, and now we are demonstrating the need to maintain the necessary measures while vaccination is still ongoing,” says Ricardo Villela, Director of Press at Globo . “It is important to reaffirm this message of continuing to provide the recommended sponsorship, which has been endorsed by the Press Union, and that every day provides reliable and high-quality information to the population. The campaign, which has always been aimed at the media, expands this proposal through an invitation to the actors. New community to join forces against misinformation, encouraging self-care and concern for others, “says Manuel Falcao, Globo’s Branding & Communications Manager.

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Throughout the campaign period, messages of communication, care and protection will be sent, even after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. In addition to Movie TV launch, for 30 seconds, it is expected that print, digital and activation pieces will be featured on social networks, including in subscription, support for other brands that are part of the consortium compounds.

Folha de S.Paulo’s managing editor, Sergio Davila, emphasizes the important message of “Vacina Sim” to the community. “Vaccination in Brazil continues to proceed at a slow pace,” Davila says. “The campaign by the Media Consortium stresses the need for universal vaccination while promoting basic care for everyone, including those who have already been vaccinated.” “The campaign is also playing an important role at a time when Brazilians fail to take a second dose of the vaccine and thus do not complete the necessary immunization cycle,” the director stated.

UOL Content Director Murilo Garavello highlights how far the campaign has come since its launch. “While health management in the country is done in an uncoordinated manner, with spread messages, the efforts and organized actions of the Media Consortium with the #VacinaSim campaign have proven essential to increase public awareness. Only in UOL domains, this message has been conveyed nearly 70 million times, in my two phases. Campaign.Along with the tremendous coverage of all the vehicles and talent involved in the project, I believe we have reinforced the importance of mass vaccination as a solidarity strategy, not individual, to contain progress Corona VirusSays Jaravello.

With information as the driving force behind this initiative, Alan Grib, Editor-in-Chief of O Globo, stated, “The federation of the country’s largest newsrooms has created a vital data source for public policy-making to combat COVID-19. It highlights the importance of reliable information in times of fake news.” , He stated.

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“Without vaccines, the world will be worse, and many deadly diseases will continue to ravage the earth. Those who are still alive today have gotten vaccines. You cannot remove this from the future of those who live today. Vaccine saved. Campaigns like ‘Yes Vaccine'” Help us remember all this, ”says Estadão Columnist Gonzalo Vecina. Anvisa’s founder, Vecina stresses the importance of confronting those who are against vaccination:“ There are people who deny the importance of vaccines. They believe that they do harm or that by preventing disease from occurring, they are taking away the opportunity to develop immunity. Responses. What vaccines do is protect us from diseases that can be fatal. It helps develop our immune defense capacity. We must fight the few who deny their dismal song. Information is a vaccine against the ignorance of these people, “Vecina concludes.

Among the brands supporting the campaign, Rádio CBN, through its CEO of Press, Pedro Dias Leite, concludes the idea that the role of the press is to inform the population by all possible means. The director concludes, “Information is one of the main weapons in the fight against the epidemic. We are engaged in raising awareness and directing our listeners, in partnership with the consortium, to help Brazil overcome this tragedy as quickly as possible.”

For life and against misinformation

The “Yes Vaccine” campaign began in January 2021 with a proposal to raise awareness among the population about the importance of the vaccine. In its first phase, the Press Vehicles Association suggested packing up when the vaccine arrived in Brazil. The second phase of the campaign was attended by journalists, columnists, actors and presenters from TV Globo, G1, GloboNews, O Globo, Extra, Estadão, Folha de S.Paulo and UOL. Now, in the third stage, the intention is to inform that even if they are vaccinated, people need to continue with the recommended care, including other compounds associated with groups that endorse the initiative.

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