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Valerie Begres picked up the hands again

Valerie Begres picked up the hands again

Pet won for Valerie Begres. After rocking Ile-de-France in 2015, former minister Nicolas Sarkozy again won the contest on Sunday, June 27, thus hosting the first French region in the Conservative camp by its population and its population. Economic weight.

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In the first round, the list led by the leader of the regional council (Libras!) And supported by the classical right received 36.18% of the vote. In the second round, he again dominated the ballot, gaining 45.1% of the vote, against 33.9% of the left-wing union list led by environmentalist Julian Bayo, according to first estimates by Ipsos-Chopra Steria, Radio France, LCP and the General Senate for French televisions. This gap is even more significant than in 2015 when Valerie Begres won the region after a tough contest: 43.8% for her, 42.2% for her rival Claude Bartolon (PS).

RN and LRM

After the first round, Julian Beau ended an alliance with some of the main left-wing lists, the Socialists who had gathered behind Audrey Bulwar, and the Communists around La France Insomn (s (LFI) and Clementine Attenne. Everyone hoped to create an electoral dynamic to improve the overall score in the first round (34.3%) and possibly topple Valerie Beckres. The scope is rarely achieved.

Disappointment for the other two lists. On the right, Jordan Bardella was fined by a massive vote, especially RN. He won only 11.8% of the vote – 14% in 2015 against Valerand de Saint-Just. Laurent Saint-Martin (La Repubblica en Marche) won only 9.5% of the vote, with one constituency voting overwhelmingly for Emmanuel Macron in 2017.

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