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Valve claims it hasn't compared Steam Deck and Switch

Valve claims it hasn’t compared Steam Deck and Switch

The moment Valve announced the Steam Deck, the inevitable comparisons to the Nintendo Switch began to emerge. Both are hybrid consoles, with similar interfaces and ergonomics.

However, Valve avoids such comparisons. In a recent interview with designer Greg Coomer, he called the Switch a “fantastic device,” adding that Valve is entirely focused on high-end gaming PCs – a very different audience than what Nintendo is looking for.

All the decisions that have been made about Steam Deck, we have tried to direct to this audience and serve the consumer with whom we already have a good relationship, when interacting with the games we have on our platform. In this sense, we made decisionsComer said.We ended up with an end product that shares some aesthetics with the Switch, but that’s it…it turns out to be something involuntary and secondary.“.

Despite Valve’s announcements, comparisons between the two consoles continue nonstop online, in the form of memes, pictures, and many jokes pointing to Steam Deck as the real “Switch Pro.”

As Newell himself said:Let me put it this way, if you’re a gamer, and you use the Switch, or one of those, you’ll instantly know which console you want, right? And you’ll know it in 10 seconds“.

Although the answer would certainly be “both” for many players.

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