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Vanessa Mai: The singer has broken new ground

Vanessa Mai
The singer broke the new platform

Musician Vanessa Mai celebrates her 30th birthday on May 2nd.

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Is Vanessa Peacock all new? The singer, who is celebrating her 30th birthday, has gone from success to pop artist.

Vanessa Mai (30) recently announced her new album “Metamorphos” on August 12 – and she could not have chosen a more appropriate title yet. Because over the last few months, the singer has undergone a major musical transformation. She said goodbye to Slaker for now.

Beginning as a pop singer

Vanessa Mai has already achieved a lot in her 30 years of life – and she wants to go further. The singer began her music career with the pop band Wolkenfrei in 2012 and then went solo: in 2014 her debut album “Endlos Liebes” was released, which reached the top 20 in the German charts. Through his following albums he was true to success, but kept his finger on the pulse of time and became more and more modern composer.

Vanessa May’s album has been released every year since 2014 – there are seven studio albums in total – and they all made it into the top ten: “Wachgeküsst” (2015), “Für Dich” (2016), “Regenbogen” (2017), “Schlager” ( 2018), “Forever” (2020) and “Mai Tai” (2021).

However, from 2021, the singer gradually said goodbye to success. In July 2018 and October 2020, he already collaborated with rappers Olexesh (34) and Fourty (26) on “Wir 2 ​​immer 1” and “Mitternacht” – at which time Schlager met rapper.

Breaking new ground: Collaboration with artists from other genres of music

He continued to develop an interest in collaborating with other artists. The first single from his new album “Metamorphosis” was released in October 2021: he released the song “Happy End” with Sido (41), so he did not succeed – for now. Since then, she has courageously continued on this new path.

“You love me” with pop singer Mike Singer (22) in November 2021 This is not the last collaboration between the two artists: “I’m sure Vanessa and I will have other great things happen together” the singer promised in an interview with Spot on News. Then it continued to be rap-heavy: In February and April, Vanessa Mai released two solo albums with rappers ART (26) and CIVO (24), “Melatonin” and “Schwarz Herz”.

Marriage to Andreas Ferber: “It’s right for us not to separate work and personal life”

Personally, Vanessa Mai is still happy with her husband Andreas Ferber, who is also her manager. The couple got married in 2017 and continue to post photos of the beautiful couple On Instagram. This year they are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

Combining their careers and personal lives is not a problem for both of them: “We will not separate it. We have a lifelong dream, it is very good to implement it together. It can not be better. For us, everyone feels differently. But for us work and personal life. It’s right not to divide, “Mai told the Spot on News in March 2021.

Vanessa Mai is looking forward to the “next episode”

Vanessa Mai celebrates her 30th birthday on May 2nd. A few weeks ago, she told the news that she still did not know how she was going to spend that day. “There are some ideas, but we’ll see what we really get with them. Because, as the saying goes: first, it’s different than you think and second.”

She does not fight with age: “Every age is special, I lived my 20s well and had a lot of fun,” she said. “Now I’m very excited for the next episode. To be honest I’m very comfortable.”


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