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Vasco Palmerim in mourning: “He left us young and with our whole life ahead of us”

Vasco Palmerim in mourning: “He left us young and with our whole life ahead of us”

Broadcaster Vasco Palmerim took to Instagram to express his sadness over the death.

Vasco Palmerim Mourning the death of a colleague and friend from RTP’s “Taskmaster” program.

“In the midst of all the fun involved in making the Taskmaster show and showing it to you, there is some sad news: the Taskmaster family has lost one of the people who was almost always behind the camera, who made sure the show was the best it could be,” he began, referring to the adult presenter. He is 44 years old on Instagram.

Vasco Palmerim was “very sad” about this untimely death: “Andrea Fischer de Almeida was one of the observers who wrote down everything that happened during the tests. In her countless notes and reports, captured in real time and at a glance.” There was interest, they were at all times, details, situations, everything that would later help in building the program, evaluating the contestants and discovering the best and most comedic moments for the final montage of each episode, and he was one of many. Obsessive perfectionists and professionals behind the scenes, without whom Taskmaster wouldn’t be what it is today. Andrea proves once again how fragile life is, leaving us young, with her whole life ahead of her. It’s very sad. Hugs to all family and friends.”

“Here we share a rare moment in front of the camera, when Andrea, always available and with a smile on her face, agreed to participate in an audition for the show’s musical theme by Wandson,” he added.

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Watch now the video shared by Vasco Palmerim.