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Vatican envoy criticizes Poland on Lavrov's side ?!

Vatican envoy criticizes Poland on Lavrov’s side ?!

The Russian Foreign Ministry, while working with Lavrov, is stunned by the words of the Vatican representative criticizing Polish officials. There are already many angry comments on the internet, even from the clergy.

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Representative of the Vatican in Lavrov. He criticizes … Poland!

During his official visit to Moscow on November 8, Paul R. Snyder, Secretary of State for the Sacred Council for Relations with the States, addressed the gathering. Gallagher, met on November 9th. With Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Michustin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He told a news conference after the talks that the issue of Afghanistan and the issue of refugees currently entering the Polish-Belarus border.

The problem, however, is how and what the Vatican representative said. The Russian Foreign Ministry is indirectly stunned by the Archbishop’s words, in fact he criticized the Polish authorities!

Holy See encourages acceptance of responsibility for immigrants and refugees throughout Europe.

Archbishop Gallagher noted the voice of the Polish bishops who boldly appealed to the authorities for a more humane approach.

Not a word about Lukashenko and the hybrid war, whose instrument is the immigrants who hit the Polish border!

Vatican in the shadow of a red star “

The words of the dignitaries from the Vatican have already been widely echoed in Poland. They caused outrage among the clergy.

At Fatima’s request, I wonder if the college has already talked to Lavrov about the Holy Father handing over Russia to our Lady.

As a priest, I am very sorry that the Poles should have heard the words spoken by a representative of the Church after meeting someone so cunning, dangerous and inhumane as a Russian minister. God bless Poland.

In this pontificate again Holy See insults the Catholic nations of Europe. The Vatican did the same to the Croatians when it stopped canonizing Cardinal Stepinak. At the expense of the Blessed Ones, the capital built good relations with the Orthodox Churches. The same is true here.

St. John Paul II falls in his tomb

Vatican in the shadow of the red star.

Okay, sorry, but after an event like the Vatican “Prime Minister”, HE Nuncio should be summoned to the Foreign Ministry for a rug. So much for the title.

Putin uses Lukashenko’s hands to organize a humanitarian crisis on the Polish border. He then rides a white horse, with the help of the Holy See, proposing a solution to the crisis. The European Union is to pay tribute to Lukashenko.

Trust number. 11 or “Vatican in the Shadow …”