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Vera Kolodzig shares the secrets to maintaining beautiful skin

Vera Kolodzig shares the secrets to maintaining beautiful skin

FifthKolodzig’s age reflects on aging and how you deal, on a personal level, with the effects of the passage of time on your skin. This happened through a post on his Instagram account.

“Some women feel the need to do deeper aesthetic interventions, and I don’t judge whether that makes them happier in some way. I don’t know if one day I won’t need that need either. History holds, and what do you want to change for” , sure starts.

“I think it’s important to love ourselves and boost our self-esteem anyway—with more or less Botox for each one. Does our physical appearance follow what’s inside of us? What do we really have to change to feel good about our skin?” he asked.

“I really like working internally and I think that reflects on the face. I’ve also started doing face yoga to gain more flexibility in the facial muscles and age naturally – and it really works! I also talk to myself in the mirror and pamper myself”, complete.

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