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VFL Osnabrook FC at Ingolstadt | - Game

VFL Osnabrook FC at Ingolstadt | – Game

Status: 27.05.2021 9:12 p.m.

VFL Osnabrook need a little football miracle in the exit to prevent them from being relegated to the third division. There was a 0: 3 (0: 2) defeat at Ingolstadt on Thursday.

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After all, Lower Saxony can count on the support of their fans in the second phase on Sunday (1.30pm at the NDR Live Center). 2,000 spectators are allowed inside the stadium in Bremerbrook, with tickets sold out within a minute on Thursday. “We need that special moment in Bremerbrook. That’s the last chance we still have. We have to burn from the first moment like our opponents did today, and then try to be efficient,” VFL coach Marcus told Feldoff The NDR.

Fan support alone is not enough to prevent expulsions. The purple-whites showed shockingly poor performance on Thursday. “Our performance was brilliant and you have to be clear. The opponent showed us how to do it and won well,” Feldoff admitted.

Audio: Osnabrook Coach Feldoff: “Sober look” (1 min)

Ingolstadt’s concept works

Third Division Ingolstadt was the best and most mature team, which landed a dream start. The first corner kick of the game led to an early lead, with Tobias Shrook pushing the ball over the line after a header extension (2nd). Ingolstad moved away a little and left the initiative to Osnabrook. But the strengths of Lower Saxony were not really in the admission game, with the second division not creating any goal risk.

Cheers to Ingolstadt's Tobias Shrook © Image Images / Zinc

Relatively simple – the FCI’s concept worked very well: the indefatigable two-fighter Stephen Kutchke’s ball came quickly and went over the top of the VFL’s defense. It won exactly in the 35th minute: Philip Bilpija pulled the decisive pass to Fathi Gaya, who pushed the ball over the line from close range.

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When can the second division team go through? Who will be responsible? Osnabrook is clearly humble, playful and combative. A long shot here and there, that’s all the VFL has to offer.

Osnabrook without a good chance to score

On the other hand, Ingolstadt insisted on confirming an early decision in the first phase. Dominic Frank hit the crossbar with a strong shot (72nd), but that video would have been canceled by the video assistant as the left-back revealed a bad game earlier.

But that evening was not postponed: Mark Stendera sent tennis player Egerta Iyengar a long ball, which easily ran out of Timo Beerman and hit VFL keeper Philippe Cone with great emotion (82nd). Even though Feldoff tried his usual diligence, they took a scene that set a precedent in the course of the game and took every opportunity to stay in the Osnabrook League: “We will try everything, maybe create a miracle. We have nothing to lose.”

Match Day 1, May 27, 2021, 6:15 p.m.

FC Ingolstadt


VFL Osnabrook



FC Ingolstad:
Puntick – Heinloth, Paulson, d. Shrook, Frank – Cross – Bilpija (83rd Elva), m.

VFL Osnabrock:
B. Cohn – Ajdini, Beerman, M. Trop, Walls – Maltop (67. Haider), Reyes, U.S.A.


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