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VFL Pochamin Corona Miracle: Old, Greedy Men

VFL Pochamin Corona Miracle: Old, Greedy Men

VFL Pochamin Corona Miracle
Old, greedy men

Written by Tobias Nordman, Pocham

Eleven years after being expelled from the 1st Bundesliga, VFL Pocham is back. Thanks for an interesting journey that started after the first corona was locked in the spring of last year. Thanks to a coach who never shy away from anything.

Eleven years and 14 days ago the management of VFL Pocham Stadium tried to get Eddie Grant during the half time break of the first division match against Hannover 96. “Kimmy Jonah” was put on Rurstadian’s loudspeakers. Katja Epstein’s Wonder Oat would have been a great choice. But very intrusive. Very contradictory. Because after an intense performance in the exhaust final it was already 0: 3 at the break. Hope? No. Eddie sang in vain. Do you expect a miracle? What is an increase of nothing? The 96s were sent off for their horror season when goalkeeper Robert Nke committed suicide. And Pochumers, they landed.

The fairy tale of “can’t get down” has long been overwritten. The VFL has now traveled between worlds. Not ready to accept second class anyway. But not powerful enough to position yourself in the first section. The decision on what he was was made by the club on May 8, 2010. It is almost insecure. Now, eleven years and 14 days later, back to the top. After many years of frustration. With plenty of coaches. And some coaching actions. Many years later it won 0-0 in the November rain. 13th on the All-Time Bundesliga table, but he is back. powerful. Pride. A40 is a small football marvel between the social equator of the Ruhr area and the city prison, the Kremite. Despite Schalke’s dismissal, Rhubarb Derby Schwarzkopf (PVP) received a small football miracle against Blues (Pocham). A small football miracle that is closely linked to corona infection. This is because Pochum has been the best second division team since May 16, 2020, when the football was brought out of the locked position.

“Anne Castropper” – that is, on VFL-based Castropper Strauss – can’t explain to you exactly what happened during the two-month break. The losing team of talented footballers who trembled violently to stay in the league has become a conspiracy team. With an idea. With success. May 16, 2020 aroused a new greed that had been missing for many years. A greed that entered the entire team from the ambitious Manuel Riemann to captain Anthony Lozilla. And stuck there. Thanks to coach Thomas Reyes, who once found access to his players, indifference is no longer tolerated. And immediately intervened. For example, if the best Robert Jules training week doesn’t appeal to him, he’ll sit on the bench (earlier this season). He is not the only star. Performance matters. Not talent. No name.

When the team understood their coach …

The team understood that their coach was not upset, but very strict. When the team understood, when the best footballers suddenly brought the best mood on the field, it worked. A self-confidence, a hysteria who wrote many small and great heroic stories in the famous Rurstadian. Of course there is Robert Sulz. Without initially attracting attention, he came off without any confidence during last season’s winter break. He has no reinforcement for the fight to stay in the league. But after being locked up, it became his. The absence of the audience (which has something to do with it?) That turned into his spectacular show. He scored 15 goals in 31 games, some of which were technically fantastic. He set up 15 wins, mostly fantastic.

Simon Solar wrote another heroic story. No longer needed in the colon. Essential in nutrition. Not only because of his goals (15) and help (ten). What did that solar run? As the first man to sometimes aggressively squeeze, he threw everything he had, sometimes a little more from himself. One of the same type is Robert Deshey. Frequent with fans with the label “That’s it for him”, the aged clear-hearted celebrated a sports resurrection this season. He ran alongside captain Anthony Lozilla, turning the midfield behind playmaker Jules into a safe zone. One or the other from Pochum, looking at the table, rising mostly over the years, slightly blooming, he scored five goals between the 29th and 32nd match day. Among other things, the 92nd minute was the decisive moment in the final 4: 3 (after a 3: 1 lead) against Hannover 96.

Anthony Lozilla. And a guy like that. First class at 35 years old. With the Frenchman losing his heart to the club. “It’s so awesome. Football can only write stories like this. I had to wait a long time to be able to do this with my club VFL Bochum,” he stumbled upon after the exciting season, in which Bochum was a jerk 3- sometimes 1-S. The victory against .V.Santhasan made it clear. Coincidentally, Gretor Forth, who wrote a similar story for men from Castropper Strauss, rose to prominence with the VFL. Never too small, no resistance as large. Both clubs have played through the league. In Pochum, this is proven by a particularly impressive number. The VFL has not lost two games in a row. Passed the writing test.

Grunmeyer also sends romantic greetings

But this comedic story was written not only by old, greedy men. There are also two very young central defenders. Both Maxim Leich and Armel Bella-Godzab are not immune to mistakes, but are very talented, willing to learn and have strong nerves. Despite the absence of goalkeeper Ryman, at 32 he is fulfilling the dream of the first division. Coach, fighter, keeper with often the most secure support and the most exciting game opener in the 2nd Bundesliga. At least. Precise discounts on fasting outside Danny Plum or Gerrit Holdman are real weapons in the booze attack. It is true that his director Patrick Droves put on a stellar performance in both games on the 33rd match day and the 34th match day, and the last part of this winning puzzle has been put together by sports director Sebastian Schindzilors over the years. Holdman and bustling Herbert (what a name in Pochum!) Pokehorn, among others, this summer. In early September 2019 Shindsilors surprisingly decided in favor of rice – probably his best decision. Both are acquainted with each other. Both are VFL. Reyes has previously been a coach (assistant, offspring, women). Even though the decision for the coach was seen by many fans critically at the time. It was only after the corona was locked that Reyes changed what it was: a stroke of luck.

It became clear on Sunday afternoon after the final whistle how high the city had risen. Church bells were ringing everywhere. There were crackers. Everywhere Groenmeier’s famous song “Pocham” rose from the houses. A parade of cars lurked through the center. In some places vehicles were strewn with seas of flags. But violent riots also took place. Tons of corona violated the rules at the stadium. And massive violence against police officers by some fans. They drew a “stunning resume” on their balance sheet on Monday. A bitter aftertaste in this ecstasy that has plagued the city for weeks.

“It’s torture. We’ve been there now, and we want to be there for a little while longer,” said senior Michael Atta Lamech. To the noble fan and singer Groonmeier, who spoke from the capital via WDR2 just minutes after the final whistle was blown, the rise of “his” club was very special: “I’m a VFL fan. The climbs and dynasties pass you by again.” Now back to running particularly loud: “… Moisten each enemy with a couple, you and your bat!” Be sure to come to the ground soon. Eddie Grant, who again?

Description: The author has been a fan of VFL Pochamin for many years and has tried to keep an important distance.

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