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Video: 2 million Rimac Nevera bid farewell to an off-road adventure

Video: 2 million Rimac Nevera bid farewell to an off-road adventure

The electric supercar undergoes safety testing for approval

The process of safety testing for a supercar, as it is known, is not an “easy thing” for those who see it, as it exposes the car, as a rule to most people, to a tremendous degree of destruction.

The goal is really: to see the degree of resistance to the level of destruction of the person. But when it comes to a supercar, one also talks about a car that can cost millions and is usually made by hand, and for its price, there are few copies.


Rimac Automobili’s new design fits this scenario at a price of €2 million. Only 150 copies of the Rimac Never will be made, the Croatian brand’s 2,000 hp (1,427 kW) electric supercar.

The prototypes that are made are the ones that go through “crash testing”. And so they say “Goodbye to your life”. Or rather, they no longer had a life, as Mate Rimac, CEO of the manufacturer, tried to find another way to say goodbye to them.


Nevera approval tests have already been conducted for Europe and the corresponding tests should be conducted for the US market.

The Nevera was born from three experimental prototypes, which were later joined by verification prototypes and, later, 95% ready-made pre-production cars, which were used for advertising and presentations, but also for recent tests.

In all, 16 prototypes were made and the one in the Rimac Automobilia video “unfortunately will have the same fate.” Once the paint required for these tests is worn, this vehicle will undergo several frontal crash tests.

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“Since we’re going to hit him, why not do what you might not and enjoy the car before we hit the wall?” It is the question that Mate Rimac does not leave unanswered.

This is served by the pleasure of rushing through the ground, the mud, in the drfit and with many cakes by the unusual ‘torture’ of such a supercar, but one that Nevera was subjected to before she ‘prepared to go against the wall’.


Before the beat, take a chance to see how Mate Rimac took the opportunity to do so. Even because the agonizing moment of destruction seems to be later promised with “Continue…”