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Video: A special goal ensures Croatia qualifies for the 2022 World Cup

Video: A special goal ensures Croatia qualifies for the 2022 World Cup

Croatia, the current world runner-up, secured direct qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on Sunday after beating Russia. by 1-0 In the decision for first place in Group H, the Russians threw to hem.

In a match in which they outperformed the opponent and really needed to win in order to take first place against Russia, the Croatian team scored the only goal in the match in the 81st minute, unhappily from Fedor Kudryashov, who scored an own goal after a cross coming from the left side.

With this result, Croatia becomes the seventh team to qualify for the final stage of the 2022 World Cup, as they finished the group stage with 23 points, one point ahead of Russia.

Croatia’s own goal – Russia:

In other matches, Slovakia was called out to qualify after its defeat 6-0 On his trip to Malta, which allowed him to take third place. Ondrej Duda was the great figure of the visitors, making a “trilogy”, at eight, 69 and 81 minutes. Albert Rusnak scored two goals (6m and 16m), as did Vernon De Marco (72m). The match was also marked by two expulsions due to the accumulation of yellow cards in the home team, Camenzulli (47m) and Teuma (51m), when there were 0-3 on the scoreboard.

Slovenia received Cyprus and won, by 1-2, two goals from Miha Zag (48 m) and Genizda Sirin (84 m) dictate the victory of the locals. Caculis cut in the 89th minute.

Final Ranking – Group H:
1st place: Croatia 23
Second place: Russia, 22
Third place: Slovakia 14
Fourth place: Slovenia 14
Fifth: Cyprus 5
Sixth: Malta 5

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