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Video-Europa-Park has been re-elected as the world's best leisure park for the 7th time

Video-Europa-Park has been re-elected as the world’s best leisure park for the 7th time

The German Amusement Park, Europa-Park, Disneyland is the most popular in Europe after Paris, attracting millions of visitors every year near the French border. Once it opens, the first visitors are already ready to walk through the alleys of one of the largest amusement parks in the world. What to do to make the most of it, even with family, friends and co-workers. “We’re happy. We came to work because it’s our anniversary with our company.”, Begins with an observer in the statement at the top of this article.

Uniqueness to note: This massive park, built in Rustil, a few kilometers south of Alsace, southwest of Germany, was built on a European theme. In total, about fifteen countries are represented, with the feeling for visitors of a short trip to every street corner. Different collections and atmospheres, but above all a hundred places on the show, some of which have made Europa-Park a success. The thrill is offered to seekers.

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