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Video – Manuela Lopez moves on with her heart disease: “I’m lucky to be alive”

Manuela Lopez, suffering from heart disease, was forced to change her life. But she did not decide to defeat herself.

Manuela Lopez has the rage to live. The 48-year-old actress had to stop filming Mysteries of love Taco-Tsubo Syndrome, due to severe heart disease. Today, he has decided to study Sophology and put his new skills into the service of others. “I can understand where people are going.” This Wednesday, December 15th Starting today In France 2, he decided to dominate his new life with his illness. “I’m alive, I’m glad I’m alive. I’m lucky “, She told Faustine Bollaert.

“Take advantage” And “Look at things” On his wayI have to say she always wanted to be positive, and that’s how she wants to live now. Even the smallest detail will make him happy. “On the table, some people will see three dots, which are annoying. I, the glowing light, there, I see it gives a wonderful glow.”, She explained. And add: ‚ÄúThis is my way Build my path forward. “

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Image Credit: Screenshot – France2

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