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Video.  Nicolas Cage got drunk in a Las Vegas restaurant

Video. Nicolas Cage got drunk in a Las Vegas restaurant

nNicolas Cage has been filmed being kicked out of an upscale Las Vegas restaurant after he got drunk and “people there thought he was homeless”, The Sun reports.

In a video posted by the publication, the 57-year-old actor is visibly seen beside him and under the influence of alcohol, although he has always acted calmly.

Eyewitnesses at the scene revealed that the star drank several glasses of expensive whiskey and tequila before the event.

“We were at the bar when we first noticed what appeared to be a completely drunk homeless man. To our shock it was Nicolas Cage. He was completely frustrated and arguing with the staff.”, reports.

“He was so drunk that he could hardly put his slippers on before he was taken to the street. (…) A customer ended up taking him home., completed.

This is not the first time such a situation has occurred. In March 2019, he was also photographed requesting a marriage license in Las Vegas, also a drunk, to tie the knot with his fourth wife Erica Koike.

Watch the moment Here.

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