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Video of assault of a woman with a child DJ creates repercussions in Brazil

Video of assault of a woman with a child DJ creates repercussions in Brazil

a The wife of a Brazilian DJ has managed to free herself from a state of constant domestic violence thanks to the publication of some videos that appear to have been assaulted with two people and the couple’s nine-month-old baby. The victim, Pamela Holland, published the photos on Sunday, and the date of the attacks cannot be determined. writes as G1.

The publication writes that a police investigation was opened, but DJ Ivis was not arrested, because the incident did not occur in flagrante delicto. However, the authorities ordered that preventive measures be applied to Pamela and the child.

The artist appealed to the courts to delete the videos from the Internet and to prevent the woman from commenting on the issue to the press, claiming to protect her youngest daughter as a reason. Judge Maria Jose Souza Rosado de Alensar, of the Fortaleza district, denied all requests.

Below you can see an excerpt from one of the videos.

The case ended up winning repercussions across the country, given the abuser’s notoriety, putting the topic of domestic violence in the spotlight.

This Monday, DJ Ivis announced that he is no longer representing the artist. The official, Xand Avião, posted a video in which he denies DJ Ivis’ positions. He said, “I neither admit nor condone any kind of violence, but more so with women. Nothing explains, and there is no explanation.”

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