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Video.  Paulo Gustavo's husband misses the 'love of his life'

Video. Paulo Gustavo’s husband misses the ‘love of his life’

yoA month after the death of Paulo Gustavo, who lost the battle against Covid-19 at the age of 42, the actor’s husband is still in great pain over his absence.

Via his official Instagram account, Thales Bretas paid tribute to the great love of his life.

“I miss your kiss and affection…one month without your body, but not a minute without you.
I love you forever,” he begins writing to a dermatologist in an old couple video caption.

Later, Thales Bretas went on to honor him by sharing a set of photographs of the couple with their twin children on InstaStories:

“Love of my life, what is missing in our family! Wherever you are, take care of us as you always have,” reads one of the photos.

“You have brought me life at its best. Children, family, friends, joys, and achievements. I have lived a beautiful story in these seven years. How lucky I am! He loves me so much and makes me so happy,” he stated.

See the photos shared by Paulo Gustavo’s husband.

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