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Video Sandrine Bonaire: The day Johnny Holiday kissed her in surprise

Video Sandrine Bonaire: The day Johnny Holiday kissed her in surprise

Between Sandrine Bonnaire and Johnny Hallyday, there were sparks. Rocker never hid his affection for the actress who trusted him It’s up to you Than the one who marked him Bastard, we love you He kissed her in surprise during the shoot.

Claude Lelouch has gathered a hell of a cast for his fiftieth and final film Love is better than life. Gérard Darmon, Philippe Lellouche, Elsa Zylberstein and Sandrine Bonnaire are also part of this theatrical comedy that celebrates life, romance and friendship. Values ​​talking to Johnny Holiday, the famous director would have taken his place in front of the camera. Because, The latter spent his life in Dollar shooting from his sixteenth birthday until his last day. The lack of discernment during the funeral of the rock and roll icon particularly annoyed his fans. “There are those who are shocked that Johnny can be filmed, but I had decided to give a gift to Ladicia and the kids. Being in the place where the offer was made I was able to film the eyes of the audience very closely. -Up, we can not do it on TV “, He explained on BFM television to justify the fact that he had drawn his mobile phone.

“Johnny rolled me a big skate”

Sandrine Bonnaire got the chance to respond to Johnny Holiday Bastard, we love you, An unforgettable memory for the statue of the youth who felt a real attraction to the Caesarised actress. This is not a movie couple “, Claude Lelouch explained at the time. They fell in love immediately. “ To a very embarrassing extent when exchanged in a very intimate manner. It was necessary for the parents Adventure is adventure Play matchbox. “Johnny came up to me. He rolled up a big skate. We say crude, but it’s a good cinematic kiss. I did not expect it.”, C told a friend of Eric Truffas’s who was on the set of the film, the director attended Rascal and told you. Laticia should not have been so happy to return home that she had been desperately waiting for him.

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