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Video: The coach loses his head and hits the referee with a head kick

Video: The coach loses his head and hits the referee with a head kick

The match at Campeonato Capixaba – a competition in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo – between Desportiva Ferroviaria and Nova Venezia was marked by a cycle of violence.

In the first half, Rafael Soriano, coach of Desportiva Ferroveria, went to the assistant referee and hit her in the nose.

The sudden act cost the coach an expulsion from the match and do not be mistaken if you think the words of regret and apology to assistant Marcelli Neto. If you say I attacked you, we’ll stop at the police station. Let’s make a body of delirium [recolha de vestígios]. If not, I will sue you, I will sue you. She says I used to her. Lying. She uses herself because she’s a woman,” she fired the coach in an interview, reported by ESPN Brasil, shortly after the event.

However, Desportiva Ferrovaria moved quickly with the actions and fired the coach. “Desportiva Ferroviária announces to the public that it renounces any kind of violence, be it physical, verbal, moral or emotional, especially against women, and we sympathize with Assistant Referee Marcielly Netto, making us available for all that is necessary. We also inform you that in the face of what has happened, Coach Rafael Soriano has separated from the club,” the club said in a statement.

As for the match, Nova Venezia, who won the first encounter with a score of 2-0, won again this time with a score of 3-1, and qualified for the semi-finals of the state.

The moment was captured and shared on social media: