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Video: The goalkeeper caught moving columns and shortening the goal

Video: The goalkeeper caught moving columns and shortening the goal

There are several tricks to getting an edge in football. Advances meters during a throw-in, advances the area for a free kick or even delays a throw-in from a goal kick. But have you ever seen a goalkeeper shorten the length of the goal?

It happened in Norway. Newspaper Aftenposten Now he’s aware of the strange rituals of Patrick Gunnarson, a Viking goalkeeper, that can get him into trouble. Before the return matches and after the assistant referees evaluate the goal nets, the goalkeeper moves to each of the supports and pushes them, in order to reduce the goal line by 15 to 20 cm, according to that publication that published pictures of this behavior.

Such a situation is possible only because, in Norway, the poles are not completely fixed to the ground, as evidenced by the videos published by the press in that country.

“It’s just a ritual I have before games, which makes me feel comfortable. It’s nothing more. I just kick the poles a little bit,” Gunnarsson said. Stavanger Avengers.

The 21-year-old goalkeeper is no novice at controversy. In November 2021, he fell out with defender David Bricalo and ended up pressing. Gunnarsson not only immediately fell onto the lawn, but also pretended to have been hit in the face. Well, then he ended up getting his classmate fired.

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