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Video.  The message of Julia Pinheiro that touched Josha’s heart

Video. The message of Julia Pinheiro that touched Josha’s heart

MAnuel Luis Jocha made a point of sharing on his Instagram a tribute that Julia Pinheiro, fellow professional and wonderful friend, gave him on his Instagram.

“It was a pleasure to be on the show Iva (É da casa!) broadcast today, and to travel through some moments of the past on TVI. I was surprised by a statement by Carla Andreno, in the presence of María Cerqueira Gómez, from some of the ladies of the audience, who appeared on TV Morning after morning and for 16 years I am grateful to everyone, ”says the presenter.

However, that video was missing because it didn’t arrive in time for the recording (now I understand why Maria was so eager to state that as much as I wish I could do “Uma Canção para ti” with her, it didn’t happen to be my favourite. It was Cue…) But I decided to share it because Julia’s words are so touching,” he reveals.

“Immense tenderness unites us, I would say professional love, admiration and respect. I regard her as an indispensable touchstone of my life. She is the greatest in this world, and her words have the gift of leaving my heart in a frenzy. Thank you, dear Julia. But no, I am not the best of You all have, but I’m sure of one thing: I’m always better when I’m by your side!”is completed.

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