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Video – “Very happy” when a woman on the street in Franசois Closet smiles at him: his funny optimism

Ten years after his relationship with actress Valerie Bonnet, he had two children with Norgis Slavy, although Franாங்கois Clusette experienced emotional distress, although he was recognized on the C-Vous set. The actor had a funny belief in it.

Guest inside C to you, This October 6, to promote his latest film, titled The man in the basementFranோois Closet shared some amazing secrets about his beginnings. And especially Social but above all emotional grief He knows that. The actor, now married to Nargis Slav, is the father of four children; Blanche, the fruit of a romantic relationship with his mother, Chandel Berrin, Paul, Mary Trinident, and finally Joseph and Marguerite, with his children Valerie Bonnetton. Yet he still has memories of revenge in his mind. And When a woman on the street looked at him and smiled, he admitted that he had always been like that “Very happy”.

“I came from below, I was humiliated, I experienced bad emotional grief for many years, I experienced social grief.”, he said. For many years when he came to his father’s newspaper shop in the 7th floor, he was greatly envied. “The most beautiful, the tallest women”, And “Guys were well underestimated”. “Social injustice drove me crazy WhatHe agreed with Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine.

“When a woman on the street looks at me and smiles, I’m so happy.”

Expressing a funny belief about his motivation as an actor: “Through this acting story, I thought that if I won, the women on the street would look at me and laugh.” “That is why When a woman on the street looks at me and smiles, I get excited That’s why I did this job. “, He concluded.

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Photo Credits: Screenshot / France5