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Videos: Josue is already detained in Alkmaar inside the Ligia bus

Videos: Josue is already detained in Alkmaar inside the Ligia bus

The end of the match between AZ Alkmaar and Legia Warsaw (1-0), in the European League, was characterized by surreal situations, as the Polish club accused the Dutch police of assaulting the club president and detaining players, including Portuguese Jose, who spent the night in the police station.

Before the start of the match, there were already incidents between the police and a group of Polish fans who, without tickets for the match, tried to force entry into the stands at the AZ Alkmaar Stadium. In this first incident, a police officer was knocked unconscious, but authorities ended up resolving the situation with pepper spray.

After the match, the confusion increased, this time including members of the official Legia delegation. The club accuses the Dutch police of assaulting President Dariusz Miodoski when the Polish team was preparing to leave the stadium. The Polish delegation also complained about the provocative behavior of FC Alkmaar staff.

The Dutch authorities have not yet commented on this incident with the President of Legia, but according to the local press, an exchange of aggression occurred between members of the Polish team and a stadium security guard.

Newspapers reported that two players were arrested while they were on the bus that was taking the Polish team to the airport.

To what More football When the police learned of this, they entered the car to arrest Radovan Bankov, a Serbian defender who was at the center of the confusion with the team. Hosts – José, as the team leader, intervened, and he ended up being taken away by the authorities in handcuffs.

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The two Legia Warsaw players spent the night in detention, despite the club’s efforts to secure their release, and are due to appear in court this morning.

As for the match, Alkmaar won 1-0, with a single goal scored by Pavildis (52 minutes), in a match that ended with ten clean goals, due to Lahdou’s expulsion. In addition to Jose, the Portuguese also played with Alexander Pinetra in the Dutch side, and Juri Ribeiro and Gil Dias in the Polish side.

Josue, who was detained and handcuffed by the police:

Pictures of the alleged attacks on the President of Legia: