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Videos show rats raging in Eastern Australia | International | News

Videos shared on the Internet show the severity of mouse plague affecting the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales.

Areas of eastern Australia handle large plague of rats.

Large rural areas in the interior states of New South Wales and Queensland are occupied by millions of rats, which have seized farmland, homes, shops, hospitals and cars. They eat everything they see.

Reuters The bumper grain harvest in the region has led to an increase in rodents.

“Every time you open a closet, you can imagine that there are rats every time you go to your pantry,” said rodent expert Steve Henry. “They eat your food containers. They mess your clean bed with your clothes. They run around your bed at night.”

Videos of this pest have been posted on the Internet:

Direct science Reports that the infection is so bad that some unfortunate farmers have lost their crops to rats. Hotels in the affected areas are closing their doors as unwanted guests litter their rooms, and shops report that up to 600 rats are found during night-time extermination sessions.

Although the impact on human health is not severe, there has been at least one reported case of a rare disease related to rats. Lymphocytic choriomenitis.

As announced NBC News, Three people have been bitten by rats Admitted to hospitals in New South Wales for rat-related problems. “.

A spokesman for the NSW State Government Health Department said the bite was “minor” and “appropriately treated.”

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Said James Jackson, president of the New South Wales Farmers’ Association (NSW Farmers). Urgent action should be taken by the State Government, iIncludes emergency approval for the use of pesticide zinc phosphide and financial assistance through a small grant scheme.

“Pest control is very expensive. Many aerial and ground bait applications are needed in the growing regions due to the current pest infestation (…) and action is needed now, ”he said. (I)