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Viennese and Gerard Lennorman fell in love with it!

Viennese and Gerard Lennorman fell in love with it!

The two artists discovered each other.

It’s even harder not to like Vienna. He is kind, positive and talented. If the general public realizes it by rearranging it and making every song of it a success, the artists will notice it too. Although he is not of the same generation, Gerard Lennorman has expressed his admiration for the “The Voice” jury in several of his recent interviews.

At ParisianHe specifically explained:

We met on the set of the show “To Code de Chess Dave”. And I had a romance. We saw each other and two days later he sent me the song Variable. He, he went to the last. He has genius, the gift of life. I have never seen anyone like that. “

In columns TV starsThe translator of “Happy People’s Ballad” has openly acknowledged his love for Vienna and expressed his true “love of art at first sight”.

“I say right now I love him“.

It at least clearly qualifies!

The meeting of the two artists is the “changer” written by Gerard Lenorman, written by Vianney and appearing on “Taste of Happiness”, his new album, which marks his return after 21 years.

Because Viennese is not only a talented singer, she knows how to serve others. Mendesa can testify to the talent of the last season of “The Voice” because his coach allowed him to sign his label and gave him a duet to start his career under excellent sponsorship.

In the end, Viennie is like a great nephew or friend, we all want someone like him …

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