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View today | Samsung QN90B Gaming Neo QLED 4K Smart TV for R$3,749.99 on Kaboom!

Do you want to buy a new TV with this Sexta Vieira Negra With the major technologies of the moment, such as 4K and HDR? a Kaboom Offer a special promotion for Smart TV Samsung QN90B Gaming Neo (QLED).

This monitor is a 50-inch model, with a panel refresh rate of up to 144Hz! Without further introductions, check out Promotional link🇧🇷

Samsung QN90B Gaming Neo QLED 4K Smart TV
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the value: R$3,749.99 | installment: 10 installments of R$374.99 without interest on the card

🇧🇷credits: kaboom)

Additional details about the Samsung QN90B Gaming Neo QLED 4K

Would you like to know more about this product? Check out the Official description Posted by South Korea:

Up your game

With faster pictures and smooth transitions, the Samsung 50 inch Neo QLED 4K Smart TV has a panel with up to 144Hz refresh rate and faster responses with 4K pictures on HDMI 2.1.

Neural Quantum Processor 4K

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Samsung Smart TV introduces artificial intelligence and 20 neural networks for high fidelity. Neural Quantum 4K Processor delivers the best viewing experience and upscaling up to 4K resolution according to the scene.

Adjustable volume for better entertainment

With accurate and realistic sounds, Dolby Atmos makes you fully immersed in your entertainment, providing a three-dimensional atmosphere of sound. The sound is adjusted through the microphones, and the Samsung Smart TV automatically detects and adjusts the volume based on the surrounding sound.

The aspect ratio and control you need for your game

Get the best view of your game with 21:9 or 32:9 screen format options, plus an easy-to-use menu so you can quickly refer to input lag, FPS, HDR, and other important information and make the adjustments that make the difference in a match.

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FreeSync Premium Pro

Your favorite games without broken visuals and with support for HDR content.

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On Black Friday last year Kaboom Shipped more than 500,000 items to customers, all from the company’s distribution center directly to customers’ homes.

With great success in sales, the company has expanded its distribution center in Espiritu Santo and seeks to serve customers on Black Friday 2022 faster, in addition to anticipating more volume than last year.

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source: Kaboom