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Villa Franca - 120 Years of Claims... :: Taurus and Gold

Villa Franca – 120 Years of Claims… :: Taurus and Gold

  • 2021-10-01 02:32
  • author: as long as bento
  • photo author: John Dennis

On Thursday night, a bullfight took place at the Balha Blanco bullring, evoking the 120th anniversary of this bullring.
In the box were the jockeys Rui Salvador, Luis Rosinol, Felipe Gonçalves, Francisco Balha, Joao Salguero da Costa and Triestao Ribeiro Telles.
The catch was on behalf of amateur Pitchfork groups on Vila Franca de Xira and Aposento da Moita, and bulls from the Palha cattle ranch left the arena.
Palha Blanco scored an entry that was close to nearly full capacity allowed.
Record from the race
Photo Gallery
So we can follow the live broadcast

Although the night was in September, the climate was already reminiscent of the cold October nights.

Festive night or not, congratulations to Palha Blanco, for its 120th anniversary.

To celebrate the anniversary, a group of initiatives in good taste!
Unveiled in the corridors of the square and the procession in the square, Nossa Senhora de Alcami, duly carried and surrounded by the countryside, a true symbol of culture and identity. Meanwhile, fado singer Teresa Tapadas sang, with only Palha Blanco lit by candles distributed at the entrance to the bullring.
Finally, Banda do Ateneu Vilafranquense, also in the arena, sang congratulations in unison with the audience that filled almost all available capacity.
Villa Franca, with nothing more and nothing less than 120 years of demand…!

About the show itself, first talk about what was one of the great attractions of the actors, in other words, the bulls from the cattle ranch straw.
The first in the ranking was favorably highlighted, as well as the fifth, which is the most manageable of the six. The fourth was in print, but with the second and third, it made life very difficult for the bullfighters.

As winners of the race, Rui Salvador and Salgiro da Costa emerged.
Roy Salvador He was the performer of a lot of race and taste, leaving the iron works of the Order so valuable, and accompanying the entire job with a very valuable trajectory.

However, the victory of fat, belongs to Joao Saljero da Costa.
He acted in an escalation and although he allowed a touch on the mountain in the first third of his performance, he “grown” and “grown” and finished with a very precious poise.
High value irons, grip handles, with technology, with art at the same time…it was a straw!

The last to come close to glory, with a hay calf, was the youngest in the cartel. Tristan Ribeiro Telles, he walked in the level plan, with “natural grace” and developed the provision of value.

No music, no certain roles, but they still performed with dignity Louis Nightingale, without realizing well why not give the beautiful and the music; Felipe Gonçalves, with a broken paragraph, ending in a good short sentence and; Francisco Balha, with a really dangerous bull and this made it completely impossible to provide the “right” of harvest and fall by the rider, fortunately without serious consequences.

Night dealers were responsible for Collections of amateur Pitchforks from Vila Franca and Aposento da Moita.

On the face of the bulls wearing a jacket of Vila Franca enthusiasts, she was: Basque Country Pereira, complete the third attempt; William Doty, in the beginning and Joao MatosAlso, on the first try.

On the front line, representing room a lot, she was: Leonardo MathiasOn the first try, Martim Cosme Lopez, by completing the second attempt and James Valerius, in the embodiment of the third intent.

The celebration was moderated by Tauromáquico’s artistic delegate, Ricardo Dias, with the assistance of veterinarian, Jorge Moreira da Silva.

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