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Villa Franca – When bullfighting is an exact science … :: bull and gold

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  • 2021-05-08 00:54
  • author: As long as bento
  • The author of the photo: Joao Denise

The first of two races was held at Fira de Tuero, in Vila Franca, on Friday evening, May 7.
They performed well in front of Coro by Antonio Silva, Antonio Tillis, Luis Rosinolle and Duarte Pinto, with coaches responsible for the amateurs of Vila Franca and Alcochet.
Antonio Tillis was victorious, with Palha Blanco registering a good public entry, within the capacity allowed in times of a pandemic.
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So we are following up directly

When bullfighting is an exact science, it will lose its essence …

Note that art will not have the same interpretation on the part of those who read it, those who observe it, or even those who “feel” it. Subjectivity will always be ingrained in Fiesta, unless what is happening in an arena is not an art but something else …

However, the behavior of a bullfighter, a horse, or a performance of a bullfighter will always have varied readings and even the average person will always know how to give an opinion.

Therefore, I will present this report according to what my interpretation of the events was as legitimate as any other events … with the advantage of not seeing through the eyes of a businessman, a detainee, a cousin, a sister, a daughter, or the mother of a bullfighter. .

The first race of the season at Vila Franca had its nuances and points of interest. He had a group of bulls of irreparable width, and he had a brave bull (fourth of the lide rank), well handled by Antonio Tillis, as he also got, also, a third bull, with returning to the ring, which was in the front and had her Its intricacies, but this, he requested his credentials from the bullfighter and like all bulls “seriously”, he had his keys to play …

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We delivered the first performance in good tone, but still, conservative Antonio Teles And the same bullfighter, who is in front of a brave bullfighter, is getting bigger … well, it gives advantages to a bullfight, making him “ appear ” coming from a wide area, and combining perfectly …

Louis Rosenol Let himself be seen fighting his first share, and stand beforeLoins“From veteran Douro. It went corny well, and that was it … in a second, just some kind of cage and everything … Slip on, no wins, no bigger gifts.

Duarte Pinto The cast closed, in one of the yards, if not the most demanding square in the country.

In return, he walked in a more flattering tone, finally leaving a good note, being the best, in an afternoon with a low level of inspiration on the part of the bullfighter. In front of the first, a bullfighter was in front and who ran into his difficulties, Duarte did nothing more than try to overcome obstacles, let’s say, without success.

a path Antonio Silva, Homogeneous in presentation, but differentiated in behavior.
The first was brought back into the barns due to difficulties with movement. But one thing is for sure: it stimulated late-night “discussions” and that means anything.

The knobs were handled by Amadores de Vila Franca and Alcochete.

to Villa Franca, They were in the lead Luis Valensa, David Moreira and Gilherme DoughtyIn completing the second, third, and second attempts, respectively.

to me Alcochet, Catch them: Vitor Marquez On the second attempt, Joao BelmonteIn the beginning and Manuel Pinto, On the second attempt.

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The ceremony was led by Mr. Thiago Tavares and assisted by veterinarian Hugo Rosa.

Note: A minute of silence was observed in memory of the Covid victims and a text was read out in tribute to Jose Giulio.

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