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Villarreal teaches Bayern a lesson on the pitch... and off it: "When you spit in the air, sometimes you fall ahead" - Champions League

Villarreal teaches Bayern a lesson on the pitch… and off it: “When you spit in the air, sometimes you fall ahead” – Champions League

And the Spanish club does not forget a certain kind of German bravado before the Munich match, which ended in a draw and qualified for the yellow submarine.

Julian Nagelsmann’s statement in the second leg, in which he said that Villarreal “made the mistake of leaving Bayern Munich alive” by winning only 1-0 in the first leg, in Spain, prompted the Spaniards to react on the pitch. A draw (1-1) in Bavaria guarantees qualification to the Champions League semi-finals – but also outside. “I think he had no respect for football and the club. When you spit in the air, sometimes spit falls on you,” he shot Danny Parejo. Unai Emery, Submarino Amarelo, shared the same speech: “We made many mistakes until the 88th minute. They made one: they left us alive. That’s why we punished them.” Also on social networks, and more specifically on Twitter, Villarreal has not forgotten about some Bavarian brags. Before today’s match, Bayern Munich put a vote on its followers which will be the result of the return match. Someone bet 9-3 and the German club retweeted it with the caption ‘It could be so’. After the match, Villarreal did not forget and retweeted this Bavarian post: “Are you sure”?

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