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Villas-Boas announces the name of the sporting director on Saturday

Villas-Boas announces the name of the sporting director on Saturday

The candidate spoke to supporters in the Azores

Andre Villas-Boas, in the meeting he held with his partners in the Azores, commented on the recent actions taken by the management: “FC Porto is selling 30% of Porto’s commercial core to an American company to exploit in another way. All of these decisions cost us a lot, because we saw April 2024 and this team that we were putting together with much greater business growth potential, if we maintained that 100%. So, we are now giving up 30% and part of that 30% for a value, such as a sale of between 60 and 70 million, as the CFO of Porto told us, who is leaving. However, we regret that all these structural decisions were taken two months before the elections, which led us to ask FC Porto some questions, which remained unclear. Perhaps they will be answered at this stage by the President. “If not, we will continue to search for these answers, because they are really very important for our future.”

Regarding the new methods, he revealed: “It is relatively easy to launch athletics. So, we are aiming for 2025/26. Men's volleyball will also include training launches at the same time, so it could also be a project in 2025/26 and 2026/2027. Now, I will give free rein to our sporting director, who will be introduced on Saturday, to set all these scenarios,” he said, denying his intention to return to cycling soon. “We have no intention of returning any time soon. “We will let everything that happened recently with W52 and FC Porto dissipate, as well as everything that is happening around the sport, and then think later about its return, if that is the case.”

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