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Vince McMahon has big plans for Cody Rhodes

Vince McMahon has big plans for Cody Rhodes

This Tuesday, we were all surprised by Cody and Brandi Rhodes leave AEWAnd much has been written about him Possible reasons e many details That would lead the couple to make that decision.

The thing that was immediately reported is that Cody Rhodes in talks with WWEe Andrew Zarian rule not live, Pal Du wrestling Note that although there is no contract signed, there is a great feeling in behind the scenes Give WWE That fighter will return to the company.

PWTorch’s Wade Keller says Vince McMahon has big plans for ‘American Nightmare’ and that it should include Pay. The boss is willing to pay and loves the idea of ​​WWE hiring a vice president, co-founder, and one of the best wrestlers from the rival company.AEW).

Thus the reporter points out that Elimination Chamber plans can be revised so that they can be modified Cody Rhodes Fight a big battle in WrestleMania 38, or at least appearing at the biggest event of the year.

about timing As for Cody Rhodes’ potential return to WWE, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer and PWInsider’s Mike Johnson said the same could happen immediately, as his contract with AEW expired at the end of December and there is no no-competition clause. .

Do you think Cody Rhodes might make an appearance in WWE in the next few weeks?