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Vince McMahon on a series of steroid scandals

Vince McMahon on a series of steroid scandals

Vince McMahon’s life must have been amazing and there has been a lot of biographical talk about it. However, before that happens, the WWE And Bloomhouse Television announced on Monday that they will produce a series about the doping scandal that brought Vince McMahon to trial.

The series will be called “The United States of America vs. Vince McMahon” and it will be the first series that will describe a part of WWE history, as well as the first time we will see a character based on Vince McMahon, among others. stars From WWE at the time.

This series will deal with the steroid scandal that swept WWE in the early ’90s and took Vince McMahon to court for allegedly distributing steroids to his fighters, when everyone expected the WWE owner to try to make a deal, this went to trial and was acquitted of all charges.

In addition to Blumhouse Television’s Jason Bloom, Jeremy Gould and Chris McMahon, Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn will be the executive producers of the series, whose number of episodes and release date remain unknown.

What are your expectations for this series about Vince McMahon?

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