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Virgin Galactic is under investigation for an alleged accident during Branson’s flight

In July, Richard Branson traveled to space, on a historic but also controversial journey. At the time, everything seemed to be going well and the journey, as we explained, was the definition of success. Now, however, Virgin Galactic is under investigation for an alleged mishap.

Until the investigation is complete, the space company cannot carry out missions on SpaceShipTwo.

a Federal Aviation Administration The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating Virgin Galactic regarding Richard Branson's July flight into space. The private space company is prohibited from launching SpaceShipTwo until regulators have completed an investigation.

Remember that SpaceShipTwo was the starship Richard Branson raised And five of its employees to space. Apparently, the impetus for the investigation was an alleged mishap that occurred during the flight. After all, the FAA is responsible for protecting people throughout the entire process — from launch to landing — of a commercial spacecraft.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the spacecraft of Virgo Galaxy She veered off course when she landed on her runway in the New Mexico desert on July 11 this year. Therefore, the spacecraft moved from an obstacle-free area to air traffic control.

Virgin Galactic cannot resume SpaceShipTwo flights until the FAA approves the final investigation report into the accident or decides that issues related to the accident do not affect public safety.

The Federal Aviation Administration revealed, in a statement.

Although Virgin Galactic insisted the crew was never in danger and the spacecraft did not "fly outside the lateral limits of protected airspace," it acknowledged that the final flight path deviated from its initial plan. More than that, he added, "at no time did the ship move over any population center or cause a danger to the public."

With the investigation continuing and SpaceShipTwo suspended, Virgin Galactic says it is "working in partnership with the FAA to solve the space issue for future flights."

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