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Virginia Fonseca has been defended by her husband, Zee Philip, on the Internet

Virginia Fonseca has been defended by her husband, Zee Philip, on the Internet

On Wednesday (30), Zee Philippe couldn’t hold back the emotions of the moment when he saw a netizen criticize his wife and mother of their first child, Virginia. The singer did not hesitate to respond to the Internet user and even insulted the boy. Zé’s position has divided opinions across the web.

It all started when a netizen criticized the fact that Virginia was weaning her first child, Maria Alice. According to the boy, the influencer was supposedly doing this because she was obsessed with her body. In the tweet, the young man also mentioned that weaning will happen early. Without hesitation and without fearlessly saying what she thinks, Zi Felipe responded to the post.

Apparently, Zi was very angry at the accusations made by the young man. The singer stated that the netizen should not speak what he does not know, and even called him a sucker.

The position of Zee Philippe divided opinions on social networks. Several netizens said they would do the same and the person responsible for posting the tweet had no idea. Others emphasized that such situations only added to the stress of the new mother and that these little details could cause Virginia to stop producing breast milk.

Influencer and YouTuber Alvaro also commented on the topic: “Supervisors of raising someone else’s child. At my grandmother’s time, go take it in c*” answered everything and was at peace “, shooting.

Virginia, realizing the proportion of all the controversy created, used Instagram to comment on the matter. “Before they could even talk about ze’s ignorance, he actually responded impulsively because he saw me cry! I won’t talk about it yet, I’ll only talk when I feel like itGoing well!”, she breathed, asking only for the understanding of all who followed and loved her.

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Editor’s comment

Unfortunately, Virginia was receiving a barrage of attacks and criticism. It seems that netizens have no respect for a mother who has just given birth to a child. We wish her and Lizzie lots of wisdom and maturity so they can handle all these comments and disagreements.

Source: Folha GO