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VISAM identifies positive bats in the colony and provides advice to residents

VISAM identifies positive bats in the colony and provides advice to residents

VISAM identifies positive bats in the colony and provides advice to residents

Published on 12/05/2023 at 18:02

The proactive attitude of the residents, by contacting the Environmental Health Monitoring (VISAM) – an entity of the Health Promotion Management Unit (UGPS) – enabled the identification of another rabies-positive bat in the municipality. This is the sixteenth case this year.

The animal is located in the colony area. There were no human contacts. It is an insect-eating bat of the Eptesicus furinalis family. This Wednesday (6), the measures recommended by the Municipal Rabies Surveillance Program have been reinforced in the neighborhood, with guidance for local residents and to look for signs of nearby colonies.

“This contact made by the citizen, when faced with an animal with atypical behavior, is essential for us to act, promoting timely measures to prevent the disease for humans as well as for animals,” emphasizes VISAM veterinarian, Felipe Pedrosa. .

VISAM should be notified when bats are present in unusual situations

VISAM will also conduct technical visits to veterinary clinics and institutions in the neighborhood and surrounding areas to reinforce important disease control and prevention measures.

VISAM advises that if bats are identified in unusual situations, such as inside homes, in backyards, flying during the day, or resting on the ground, the agency should be contacted immediately by calling (11) 4589-6340 and (11) 4589- 6350, so technicians can safely remove the animal.

If possible, you should also isolate the room in which the animal was found and/or stabilize it by placing a barrier such as a bucket, ice cream container, drop cloth, or box over it.

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Another essential measure is for dog and cat owners to update their animals’ rabies vaccination annually. The vaccine is provided free of charge by VISAM, through telephone appointment scheduling.

Bats are animals protected by law and are considered beneficial to humans and nature and must be preserved. Killing or attacking them is an environmental crime.

In 2022, Jundiai recorded three cases of rabies in bats.

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