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Vitisha Williams apologizes after TikTok video

Vitisha Williams apologizes after TikTok video

Fetisha Williams opens up in her podcast episode.


– I am very sorry that I helped create a state of unculture and unnecessary nausea.

That’s what Williams says in a new podcast episode of her podcast, “Fetisha+1,” where she invites journalist Bahari Viken to explain what’s happening in Israel and Gaza in more detail.

Vitisha Williams recently had some rough weather.

At the beginning of November, she responded with her own TikTok video when influencer Linnea Løtvedt (23) stated on the same platform, among other things, that she would not side with Israel and Palestine, based on “a little bit of information.” “She had.

All this forehead. no brain, Williams said in the video, which has now been removed from the platform.

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She also said that Lutveit had previously spoken about mental health, among other issues, and criticized that she would not take sides on the issue.

-You precious little white bitch, Williams continued.

Many people became involved in the conspiracy, and some believed, among other things, that the culture of debate on TikTok was collapsing. Others believe that the influencers are not reporters from the Middle East.

– Taking the focus away

– I’m sorry that I get angry with people who don’t care about what happens to the Palestinians now. This video was made in The heat of the moment And I could have phrased myself differently, but the point still stands, Vitisha Williams wrote in a text message via her manager, Wild Sim, to VG immediately after the incident.

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Williams now explains more on his podcast:

-I made a reaction video in which I can undoubtedly choose to express myself better.

“But I’m so sorry that I helped take the focus away from the real, real things that are happening in Palestine, and I’m truly sorry for that,” she says further.

VG has been in contact with Williams team principal, Wild Sim, who said the Williams team did not want to focus on what it had been doing recently.

– From now on, you want to keep focus on the topic.