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Vito admits to using cocaine and after lying to Sonia Jesus – betrayal of trust!

Vito admits to using cocaine and after lying to Sonia Jesus – betrayal of trust!

The fiancé of the former “Big Brother 2020” contestant explained to the judge how he obtained money for drug addiction, without withdrawing any amount from his salary and without his companion being suspicious of what he was doing. Veto Tears assumed cocaine consumption and lied to him Sonya Jesus – betrayal of trust!

The trial of Vitor Soares, the fiancé of Sonia Jesus, began on May 29, a few days before it was completed one year after his arrest (June 1, 2022). Remember that Sónia’s partner was arrested for drug trafficking, in the course of Operation Semente em Pó. Vito appeared before the judge of the Court of Bragança, where he was treated affectionately by those close to him. “hethe with a great desire to tell your truth.”told TvMais magazine a source who was present at the first session of the trial.

“he cried a lot”

When he entered the courtroom, the doorman moved to see the parents and burst into tears when he said he was consuming cocaine behind the back of the mother of his children. “He cried a lot. Sonia found out that Vitor was consuming cocaine when he was already incarcerated. It was a very fragile moment, as he feared the relationship was ending. It would have been very complicated, because he has such a huge emotional dependence on Sonia.”

He bought and sold wine, as well as clothes and auto parts.

The accused kept crying as he remembered how he cheated on his fiancée to kill his habit. Vitor explained how he made the money to buy cocaine, because he couldn’t withdraw money from the salary he was paid as a janitor in luxury condominiums so that Sonya wouldn’t get suspicious. He’s bought and sold wine, and he’s done the same with clothes and auto parts.”then the same source. “He seemed to be reassured by presenting his defence, but whether or not the court believed him or not did not matter.”.

In statements he made to the judge, in addition to presuming cocaine use, Vito explained why he hid the drugs in the couple’s home, in Gaia, as reported by a person speaking to Our Magazine: “Of the 30 grams of cocaine the police found, 15 were from him and the rest from a friend. They bought and shared to be cheaper. He also explained that the drug residue found on the scale was justified because he weighed the cocaine to confirm the grams.”

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Finally, scroll through the photo gallery. Vito admits to consuming cocaine and after lying to Sonia Jesus – betrayal of trust!

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