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Vitor Costa was expelled against Casa Pella for 'violent gambling and other dangerous behaviour' - arbitration

Vitor Costa was expelled against Casa Pella for ‘violent gambling and other dangerous behaviour’ – arbitration

The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) disciplinary board announced yesterday the explanations given by referee Vitor Ferreira for sending off Vitor Costa in direct red, in the 68th minute at Maritimo Casa Pella Stadium, at the end of the eighth round. From Bwin League. According to the referee’s report, the move was part of “violent gambling and other risky behaviour”. “After the ball becomes unplayable, the player strikes, with excessive force, with his shoelaces, the face of the opposing player, opening a wound in the upper area of ​​the eye,” it can still be read. The Bahraini player was suspended for one match. After the move, remember, a penalty was awarded to Casa Pella and Leonardo Lillo was successfully converted, making the final 2-1 to Lisbon.

Read the full CD explanation:

“The defendant was notified of the official match reports on the fourth day (…) made allegations on the same day, accompanied by a videotape, after stating, in connection with the current analysis, that (…), Vitor Costa did not practice the facts because he was punished, After he was limited to jumping at the same time as Joao Nunes, in order to head the ball, which he managed to do effectively (…) After Vitor Costa jumped and headed the ball, Casa Pilla No. 3, who also jumped to play for the ball, lost his balance and fell on the grass, causing Vitor Costa to fall (…) As a result of such an action by Casa Pia player Joao Nunes, both players fell on the grass, without any fault from Vitor Costa’s side.This move was poorly perceived and evaluated by the referee team, who certainly did not realize or evaluate the entire move. You would not have considered violent behaviour, Vitor Costa would not be punished with a direct red card. If that were the case, it wouldn’t have been done The expulsion of Vitor Costa.The facts described here are unambiguously the result of the television pictures together, so they must be taken into account in the brief decision to be made taken, imposing an amendment to the factual decision that paid the red card, as well as acquitting the accused because no disciplinary offense was committed,” as stated in the sanctions map, where the FPF CD notes that “when analyzing the defense presented, it is believed that there is no indication to any damage to the credibility of the enhanced evidence enjoyed by those responsible for the reports, which confirms the facts contained in the reports,” the statement read.

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