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Vitor Emmanuel on his sister's illness: "It's a nightmare" - celebrities

Vitor Emmanuel on his sister’s illness: “It’s a nightmare” – celebrities

In an interview with Maria Sercoeira Gómez, TVI’s Peixoto series “Festa é Festa” began with an indication of the good relationship he had with his family and the difficulty of the day he received news of his sister’s illness. “It’s a nightmare,” he said.

Two years ago, the sister called him, and right away, the actor realized that something was happening. “My sister goes to Cascais Hospital to do some tests and is no longer leaving the hospital. Get in an ambulance and head straight to [hospital] São Francisco Xavier and the next day undergoes surgery, ”he recalls, explaining that a tumor was discovered in his head the size of a“ ping pong ball ”.

“It was not known, at that time, whether it was benign or malignant, and it was mainly known what kind of risks of the operation might be present and the collateral damage that could be present, or still exist, or if it goes well, disappear.” To be continued.

The day after the operation, when he called to inquire about his sister’s health, he was told that she would undergo surgery again due to complications. “Then everything will fall on you,” he says. “What happened was that she had a severe bleeding during the night and had the courage to call the nurses and say, ‘I think something is going on with me because I feel her leg is numb, and I can no longer move it, and I can feel my arm is kind of stuck.’”

At that moment, the actor admitted that he questioned a lot, but the fact that he was a believer gave him a way to believe that everything was going to pass. “This and all the moments that I had with her, knowing her as I know her, knowing that she will not give up anything,” says Maria Sercoeira Gomez.

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Vitor Emmanuel had to work on the business

Vitor Emmanuel did not fail to mention the years he had been away from acting. He remembers that he started his career at a very young age, earning a lot of money, but jobs did not always appear, and in recent years he had to go to work for business.

When asked by Maria Sercoeira Gomez if he thought that at a certain point in his life he wasted too much money, the actor replied: “It was not a waste, for me the waste is related to corruption. I tried to live and save life. From those who were next to me in a more comfortable way. I bother taking it out of me. ” At the time, Vitor admitted he didn’t think the money was fleeting.

Away from TV for seven years, the actor had to look for other jobs and was in the construction phase starting to take on jobs. However, he admits that he has never lost his affection with the public (whether it was removed or not). “What started to make me confused was when they said, ‘Why don’t you come back? “. It’s a kick to the chest. Especially when I went to work in civil construction, it got more serious. It wasn’t a matter of contempt or an attempt to suppress me, but I was out of sorrow, sadness and despair, “he admits, noting that after this stage he stopped looking for answers to some of life’s situations.

Both in business and acting, the actor reveals that he has a few good friends. “The lack of humanism and the desire to do good to others is, unfortunately, something that is rooted in all areas,” he says.

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Currently, Vitor Emanuel is part of the cast of the “Festa em Festa” TV series on TVI that Christina Ferrera invited him to. In the plot, he plays the character of contractor Peixoto.