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Vitor Pereira: "I would like to know how to solve it, I am shocked"

Vitor Pereira: “I would like to know how to solve it, I am shocked”

Corinthians coach, Vitor Pereira, has admitted many difficulties to continue in the Libertadores, after 2-0 defeat With a flamingo at home.

“I would also like to know how I am going to solve it. It costs a lot, I am a little shocked by the reality. Realizing that, in fact, it is not easy to reverse such a situation in the Libertadores, it costs a lot, it costs a lot. It costs a lot,” the Portuguese coach said after the match, “But We have to go out there and compete, do our best, and try to understand the game better than today.”

For Vitter Pereira, “The problem is in the details that define this type of game,” and noted, “We kept complaining about a possible hand and gave space to the opponent. Today, I don’t know why, but positional play almost did not allow us to make the combinations we are accustomed to, did not go into offensive organization, and the game was always in transition, “they-we”. They kept adding, we couldn’t press and that’s it, the last part was a bit painful, it was tolerable, they could have scored one or more goals.”

The person in charge of Corinth explained a little about his plan for the meeting. “We had to understand the opponent, who plays with diamonds, and has a lot of people inside. The idea was to find a corridor, and to find a space on the other side. Often the ball was on the other side and I saw an open space to connect the runners and that was not there,” he analyzed, quoted by Globoesporte.

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“The 2-0 result was a huge blow from an emotional point of view, as much as I tried to ask the team to move on. You have to understand the amount of arguments from the teams, what is on one side and the other. We have quality, no doubt about that, but We should have everyone available, it wasn’t like that.”