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Vladimir Putin – setting fire to rumors

Vladimir Putin – setting fire to rumors

In just a four-second video, Ukrainian Interior Ministry Advisor Anton Herashchenko debunks long-running rumors about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“What’s happening to Putin’s cheeks? (This is a new video),” Gerashchenko wrote on X/Twitter in a short video of Putin.

During the video, many people speculate if it could be a lookalike seen in the video.

For a long time there have been rumors that the Russian president is sick and that he has a double. Although Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov strongly criticized the rumors earlier this year, people can’t seem to stop speculating.

At the time, Peskov simultaneously denied rumors that Putin was suffering with his health and called such speculation a “ridiculous lie.”

in the video Herashchenko It was noted that the president’s cheeks appear rounder than they did in another photo taken just a few months ago.

However, many claim that it must be due to injections in the cheeks.

On several occasions, rumors of the existence of a doppelgänger of the two have surfaced. However, it reached its peak this spring when videos were supposed to show Putin driving around the occupied city of Mariupol in Ukraine.

Many of them, including military blogger and FSB officer Igor Girkin, believe that Putin’s photos look fake.

The video allegedly shows Vladimir Putin driving around the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which Russia claims to have annexed. Video: Anton Gerashchenko.
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“When I see the alleged Putin in a crowd, I immediately know he is a doppelgänger,” Girkin, now imprisoned, said in March.

Ukrainian intelligence services also claimed that the Russian president was using a body double.

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