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Cliente Vodafone? Já pode ligar-se à rede 5G gratuitamente

Vodafone customer? You can now connect to the 5G network for free

Vodafone already has a 5G network available to its customers, allowing everyone to experience the capabilities of 5G mobile without additional charges. In this start-up phase, all customers with compatible equipment will be able to experience the distinctive features of the 5G network, namely the high speed and quality of data connections.

Until January 31, Vodafone 5G will be available at all of its tariffs without exception, without additional charges and without customers having to take any action. For private customers, at the end of the trial period, on January 31, 2022, 5G will be integrated by default in the prepaid tariffs Red 10GB, Red Infinity, Vodafone You 10GB and Yorn X 10GB, which are applied to other tariffs and to the customer's request per month in the amount of 5 euros.

4. 07 EUR excluding VAT.

Vodafone customers who own 5G phones can now also use this technology when roaming from Spain, gradually and rapidly expanding to other countries.

Mario Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal, says that...

Vodafone wants the 5G technology experience to be as democratic as possible, and with that in mind, we bring the experience to all of our customers. As was our commitment, we will also ensure that this technology is present in all capitals of the regions. This is a moment of great satisfaction for Vodafone, which can finally bring its 5G network to Portugal, which has already been sold in the 15 countries where the company is present. We have the know-how and we want to put it at the service of the Portuguese with the usual quality

Vodafone is pleased to be able to start this new and disruptive phase of mobile technology, the potential of which is particularly relevant to the development of the Portuguese business fabric and the quality of life of the Portuguese.

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